North East expo

North East Expo: From our Digital Marketing Executive’s perspective

Hanna our Digital Marketing Executive represented Stripe Property Group at the North East Expo. This event proved to be an invaluable experience for both personal and professional growth.

The day kicked off with a diverse array of seminars. It was a great opportunity to attend sessions on topics ranging from social value to AI and audiovisual technology. These seminars were presented by industry experts, offering valuable insights and strategies to enhance our digital marketing efforts. Hanna was particularly impressed by the session on “Building a Winning Team” by Brian Cassidy. It emphasized the importance of a cohesive team to drive success, which resonated with our commitment to teamwork at Stripe Property Group.

Networking: The Heartbeat of the Expo

Networking played a pivotal role throughout the day. The event provided an exceptional platform to connect with over 150 exhibitors. All eager to share their knowledge and explore potential collaborations. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded professionals, build new relationships, and exchange ideas.

One of the standout features of the North East Expo was the interactive floor plan and event app. This technology allowed delegates and exhibitors to access each other’s details in advance, making it easier to connect and arrange meetings during the event. This experience was incredibly user-friendly and it was also a great way to pre-establish connections.

The seminars were a goldmine of knowledge, covering essential areas like marketing, social media, sales, leadership, and more. These insights are invaluable and can be a game changer when applied to our digital marketing strategies at Stripe Property Group.

Besides the incredible knowledge shared at the seminars, the friendly and dynamic atmosphere made the day even more enjoyable. It was a reminder that business events can be both productive and fun.

Whether you’re a business owner, manager, or part of a team, events like the North East Expo offer an exceptional opportunity to learn, connect, and grow. We returned from the Expo with valuable insights, fresh contacts, and a renewed sense of purpose for our Hanna’s endeavors at Stripe Property Group.

We look forward to attending more events like this in the future. And we are excited about the potential collaborations and opportunities that may arise. The North East Expo truly offers a unique blend of knowledge, networking, and fun, making it a must-visit for any professional seeking growth and connections in the business world.

North East expo
North East expo